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You want to feel radiant and full of energy.

You want a juicy relationship and joyful family life.

You want a fulfilling, family-friendly career or business. 

Leadership & life coaching for women

You're in the right place

READY TO GO FROM over-thinking & overwhelmed to radiant and thrivingg?

Not just survive, in this midlife season of busy family life and 
career building (with maybe some perimenopause symptoms thrown in the mix!)

Coaching for women who want to Thrive

You have a strong practical side as well as a reverence for life's magic and little miracles

You're ready to let go of your relentless driving, pushing and striving

You’re tired of being a resentful superwoman, under-supported and overwhelmed

 You want to revive your joie de vivre and sense of fun

You're ready to put your wellbeing and your loved ones first

You'll love it here if ... 

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Restore your feminine radiance and vitality, become wildly obsessed with your career and reignite the magic in your marriage or family life.

Ignite your Light

1:1 coaching

Stop people-pleasing and perfectionism, and find freedom from your busy mind.

Anxious to

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online, self-paced course


“I have rewritten the ''Type-A', 'perfectionist' and 'constant stressor' labels that I clung to for decades."

what my beloved clients say:

"Working with Jess has truly changed my life"

"I am now living the life I truly want"

I'm Jess, mind whisperer, mama & ocean lover

I'm a former lawyer turned women’s leadership and life coach. 

I guide women who have created their success largely through driving, pushing and controlling, to reconnect with their intuition, vitality and radiance.

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PLUS learn why your body, not your mind, holds the key 

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