Leadership and life coach for women

Devoted partner to Stu and mama to Orla

Mental health maven and soul guide

 At least 10% mermaid (happiest in water and I love to sing albeit badly!) 

i'm so pleased you're here

Hi there, I'm Jess

Suffice to say, I know what it's like to have the outside of your life looking pretty good, and to be filled with self-criticism, stress and overwhelm on the inside.

Mainstream psychology offered medication and tools to "manage" my "lifelong disorders".

On the outside I was a gregarious lawyer at a top-tier firm.

On the inside, I was completely disassociated from my body and at the mercy of my relentless mind. I suffered for over 15 years with clinically-diagnosed eating disorders, anxiety and OCD. 

thank goodness i refused to settle for this

 I was a poster child for high-functioning anxiety

once upon a time

Family cuddles, multiple cups of tea, gentle stretches on my verandah

morning rituals

Bush-walking, devouring a good book, hanging with my daughter


Cancel culture, busyness, hating on men, lifelong labels


Ease, play, femininity, little miracles, self-honesty and self-compassion

I'm all about:

I embarked on a personal odyssey exploring different modalities to heal my childhood trauma and "disorders", and create a life on my own terms. 

This led to a change of career as I studied positive psychology at City University in London and trained as a coach at the global Co-Active Training Institute.

For the last ten years I've been helping high-achieving women to find freedom from their busy minds and create a life that is their own kind of wonderful. 

I often joke that I'm the most intuitive, sensitive person in any boardroom 

... and the most skeptical, practical person in any goddess women's circle.  

I love to blend intuitive spiritual practices with neuroscience and practical, real-life strategies for a potent and unique coaching approach.

work with me

I am Here - Pink


Feel Better, Live More


The Choice - Edith Eger


Still Life - Sarah Winman


Ted Lasso 

tV show:

My go-to ...

My favourites 

Colour - my wardrobe is a rainbow and I almost never wear black.

my happy place!

The ocean! In the waves is where all of my best ideas happen.

My beloved Stu and Orla! Motherhood has been my becoming. 

“Your work is a blend of the best aspects of coaching and therapy - I've never experienced anything like it ”


so they say:

let's work together

If you're picking up what I'm putting down ...  I'd love to help you unleash your most vibrant true self

did we just become best friends?