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for women with busy minds and busy schedules

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Disarm your inner critic

Feel vibrant and full of energy

Be calm and patient with your loved ones

Feel creative and balanced in your work

Trust your inner voice and go for what you want

Break free from
your busy mind ...

Ready for your life to change?

leave behind the over-thinking, over-working and overwhelm

"The teachings are so gentle, tangible and CALM, like one huge deep exhalation! It all feels so accepting and possible, like nothing I've ever come across before."

— kate proft

"Wow wow wow. I feel so seen, like you were speaking just to me"

Anxious to Unleashed


A proven framework to find freedom from anxiety,
self-doubt and overwhelm

Refined over 10 years of coaching
 high-achieving, over-thinking women like you

Perfectionism, people-pleasing, worrying, controlling, self-criticising ... these patterns are LEARNED and changeable, just like any other unhealthy habit. You'll learn simple strategies to rewire any unwanted thinking patterns.

Anxious thinking floods our body with adrenaline and cortisol .. which further wires our brain for fast, fear-based thinking.  Learn practical on-the-go strategies to interrupt this vicious feedback loop.

Here's What You'll Learn

How to let go of longheld thinking patterns

5-min tools to calm your nervous system

You'll learn how to eat differently, set up your mornings and map your menstrual cycle to optimise your natural hormonal fluctuations and experience a calmer mind.

Simple practices to rebalance your body

Learn how to ride the waves of your thinking and connect with your resilient inner core ... even in the midst of the most ferocious what-is-wrong-with-you-why-do-you-always-do-this mind attack (we've all been there!) 

THE superpower for quietening your inner critic


Soak up life's pleasures without the shadow of a mind that Will. Not. Quit.

How does this sound?

Say no or push back without descending into over-thinking agony



unlock these life-changing benefits:

Let go of that imposter syndrome and self doubt that’s haunted you forever 


Develop your personal treasure trove  of quick mindset reset practices 


Stop doing ALL THE THINGS and move out of Resentful Superwoman mode


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How It Works

Immediate access to 10 powerful video modules (<15min each) to work through when & where suits you

your own pace,
 in your own space

Chock full of resources including module summaries, reflection questions & pro tips 

downloadable workbook

Access a library of high-impact tools including guided visualisations & movement practices

high-impact tools

I'm Jess, mind whisperer, mama
& ocean lover

I’m a former lawyer and recovered Type A perfectionist and people pleaser. Years ago I suffered horribly from clinically diagnosed anxiety, OCD and eating disorders.

I’m living proof that high-functioning anxiety doesn’t have to be a life sentence. I'm so proud I've been able to break generational patterns of worrying and self-criticism for my daughter. 

more about me

hey there!

"Months later, I still feel insanely happy, free and creative, and ok …unleashed!!"

Clare R

got her groove back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

The learnings and practices have changed the wayI relate to others and to  my busy mind. If I were to sum up my biggest gifts they would be - trusting in my inner knowing, trusting my body's wisdom and a greater capacity to hold myself through difficult times. 

"I now have fantastic ways of getting out of my mind and into my body"

Anxious to Unleashed allowed me to step out of my own way and begin a new role in an entirely new industry (something I'd longed for but not had the confidence to make happen)! While I'm facing all sorts of fresh challenges, it feels so much more aligned and I have the tools to support myself through the moments of uncertainty.

- Heather Scott

"10/10 highly recommend. I loved the short, heartfelt, honest, raw and real videos"

"An amazing course that will help so many"

-Samantha O'Keefe

I loved the practical exercises and Jess' calm wisdom in the videos. 

"My imposter syndrome was crushing me, and I felt so stuck."

- Aimeé Poznik

It included beautiful, useful and really practical ideas for me to implement in my own time. I was amazed at how quickly your teachings helped me to feel so much better.

-Clare R

relateable, real-life examples

practical tools for use on-the-go

follow a proven roadmap

for less than the cost of one therapy session

I identify as an over-thinker, but I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety. Is this for me?

Yes, absolutely! I work with women who sit on all parts of the anxious thinking spectrum. Put simply, if you’re someone whose worry, anxiety, stress or overwhelm (etc!) is more pronounced than you’d like, then this is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Is this for me? 

Yes it is! As someone who was clinically diagnosed in my early twenties, it was only when I pursued modalities outside of traditional therapies that I experienced the transformation I was seeking.

For ten years in my coaching practice I’ve supported many women with diagnosed disorders who have found my approach to mental health to be refreshing, practical and effective.

How much is the time commitment?

You go at your own pace! Each module includes a 10-15min video with another 15-30 minutes recommended to complete the associated journaling prompts and guided practices. I recommend you work through 1 module per week, but you can progress faster or slower depending on your schedule. 

Will I be anxiety-free after taking this course?

Occasionally having some anxious thinking, which passes easily, is a normal part of the human experience. We're not robots!

What is not normal or healthy (but has become very common in our modern world), is anxious thinking that is relentless and debilitating. Anxious to Unleashed provides a pathway to freedom from that omnipresent over-thinking.

Anxious thinking is not a life sentence

In de-stigmatising it (important and necessary) we’ve tipped too far into normalising it. Now so many of us think it's normal to suffer from an overactive, critical mind, or to take pills to mute it.

I call B*llshit. Your anxiety is a messenger, not a lifelong affliction. As psychologist Dr Nicole LePera says, “anxiety is our loud and painful call to pay attention”. 

By looking within and truly understanding our patterns and our bodies, we can heal our anxious thinking naturally. 

i'm so glad we're talking openly about anxiety these days, but ... 

Be the cycle breaker -
model inner peace for your kiddos

Soothe your nervous system when it’s in full I’m-being-chased-by-a-tiger fight or flight mode

Surrender control and stop fighting reality 

Ride the waves of your thinking, instead of being swamped by them

Know which foods support a calm nervous system

Address your unique sensitives that are contributing to your busy mind 

By the end of Anxious to Unleashed, you will be equipped to...

opening soon

Anxious to Unleashed is one of a kind ...

The most common anxiety interventions - medication, meditation and CBT - were developed by men, for men. And often, studied only on men! 

As women we need a different approach to calming our busy minds, centred in our cyclical nature and unique brain wiring.  

This program gives you the knowledge and practical exercises to heal your anxiety in a female body. 

developed by a woman, for women

If the goal is to spend LESS time in our minds ... then the most prescribed anti-anxiety tool, CBT, is counter-productive to say the least.

 I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend my time analysing evidence for a particular thought I'm believing.

I want to be free of the analysis paralysis and actually LIVE MY LIFE. And I want that for you too. 

Anxious to Unleashed offers a body-led approach to healing your anxious thinking, naturally. 

less mind, more body = more results

This program offers a clear, proven pathway to finally let go of your self-doubt, worry & overwhelm

And it doesn't require years of your life, or endless money and time spent in therapy. 

Try it for 21 days and receive a full refund if it's not for you.

I back this program 100% and I know from experience how powerful it is. If you don't feel the same way after 21 days, please contact me for a full refund.

money back 


This      for you if:



YOU're ready to translate knowledge INTO LASTING, SUSTAINABLE CHANGE



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It's probably
for you if...

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I completely understand. Your money and time is precious and you want to make sure it's right for you.

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