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We’ll meet in person in central London or via video call so we can connect wherever you live. I offer an initial call (no charge) for all new clients so we can explore whether working together is the right fit –  book a slot in my calendar here or get in touch via email. I’d love to hear from you!


Ignite your light: confidence coaching

A transformative, laser-focused programme to move you from that endless self-doubt-and-worry cycle to a feeling of confidence, taking inspired action towards what you want. Think springboard, lighthouse and fairy godmother all in one. Together we’ll explore where confidence really comes from, connect you to your inner wisdom and transform your life or business.

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Come home to your body

A soulful, powerful programme to reconnect you with your body. To let go of discomfort, shame and destructive habits. To embody your natural sensuality, femininity and creativity.

Some of my clients come to me in the midst of or having been through eating disorders, addictions or self-harm patterns.  Others are living with the impact of past traumas including sexual abuse, domestic violence or traumatic births.

What they have in common is a yearning to move towards peace and aliveness in their bodies.  

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