Where’s the lion?

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Anyone else feel like they’re often rushing through life? That busy has become the status quo? Stressing that we haven’t done enough at work and at home.  Adrenal glands constantly firing, as though we’re being chased by a lion 24/7.

We often remain in a constant state of manic, until we’re felled by illness or injury and made to rest for awhile. And then it starts again.

And we’re supported in this by a society which prizes busyness. By conversations with colleagues and acquaintances which somehow become busyness bragging competitions.

Yesterday I found myself stressing that I’m behind on my plans for refreshing my website.

Then I asked myself: Where’s the lion?

And I realised there was no lion and gave myself permission to chill the f**k out.

Every now and then, there is a lion equivalent. But it’s pretty rare. Most times, the lion is in our own brains. Our own inner critic, never satisfied by whatever we do, constantly demanding more and berating us for not getting there quick enough.

And when we’re stuck in busy mode, there’s little time to appreciate the good stuff. Like that beautiful flower peeking through the green grass. The sound of children’s laughter. The simple bliss of sun on our faces.

So we save that for weekends and holidays when we ‘have the time’.

What would it be like to give yourself permission to go slow?

To make space for the little wonders everyday?

To remember that this glorious, challenging, crazy thing called life is actually not a race?

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