It’s really, truly, never too late.


I recently had the incredible privilege of co-leading a full-day career coaching workshop for women affected by domestic violence.

I was blown away by the awesome energy that is created when we humans come together in all our realness. When we mix our courage and vulnerability, inner strength and fears, sanguinity and deep sadness. When we throw it all in the communal pot and stir, creating an exquisite elixir of shared humanness that both soothes us and propels us forward.

And I was reminded so poignantly that it is never too late to alter your path. To make a u-turn or take a side road in any aspect of your life.

No matter how old you are, or how invested you are on another track. No matter how weak or risk-adverse or conservative you perceive yourself to be. No matter how scary it is, or how many times you haven’t succeeded in the past. No matter the huge costs at stake.

Even with all these obstacles, internal and external, perceived and real, that other path is still there. Calling to you. Niggling at your heart. Wanting you.

The end goal might feel impossible.

No mind. We don’t have to know all the hows straight up. In fact we rarely do. All that’s required for now is a step in that direction. A minuscule, baby step.

Then another one tomorrow. Then the next. Re-committing every day. Being gentle with yourself when you dance sideways or backwards. Taking it one day at a time. And clutching that dream with all you’ve got, never letting go, like you’re lost in the dessert and it’s the map to your oasis.

Whether it’s a different career, or a new beginning, or another way of living your life – it’s really never too late.

I’m filled with gratitude to our incredibly inspiring workshop attendees for reminding me of this beautiful truth.

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