When did we stop learning for fun?


Beautiful people, what activity or hobby or experience has been calling to you?

Is it guitar lessons, a hip hop dance class, a pilates sesh? Is it grabbing your easel and paints and letting yourself be inspired? Is it a long hike or a skydive or a patisserie class? Is it learning French or joining that choir or taking up surfing?

Remember what it is, and schedule it or sign up today. No matter what the head of your risk department (aka your inner critic) has to say on the matter (it’s usually the same old thing about not having the necessary talent, time or resources). Let this skip the queue in your head, all the way up from a should to a must.

As kids we have so many outlets for expressing ourselves and learning new things. We sing, we dance, we play, we run, we make up games, we paint, we jump off things. We have so much freedom, we’re learning constantly, and we spend a lot of time in a general state of fascination about life.

And then we grow up and get busy with our careers and relationships and kids and mortgages and travel. Until activities or hobbies done purely for joy, or for the joy of learning them, don’t really fit in the day-to-day schedule. So they’re relegated to holiday time only, and/or to that magical place of ‘next’ (next month/next summer/next year) when we’re sure that by then we will have somehow gained the requisite time/money/talent.

The time is now. Try something that’s piqued your interest or rekindle an old passion that you once loved. Create that dedicated time, weekly or fortnightly, just for you. Where, for those couple of hours, you don’t have to be someone’s reliable boss or star employee or amazing girlfriend or adored mum.

Where you get to just be, and immerse yourself in the delight of learning something different, re-awakening your creativity or joyfully moving your body.

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